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저널 이름 Journal of Food Science (83: 3035-3043)
연도 2018 December (IF=2.018)
저자 Min-A Park*, Yoonjee Chang*, Inyoung Choi, Jaewoo Bai, Ja-hyun Na, and Jaejoon Han


A multifunctional film with insect-repellent and antimicrobial activities was developed. Star anise (Illicium verum Hook. f.) oil (SO) proved to be effective in repelling Plodia interpunctella (Hübner) (Lepidoptera: Pyralidae) larvae and was selected as an insect-repellent agent. Thymol, a compound that demonstrated strong growth inhibition activities against both Staphylococcus aureus and Penicillium roqueforti, was selected as an antimicrobial agent. Based on the release profile test of SO using various plastic films, polypropylene (30 μm; PP 30) and low-density polyethylene (20 μm; LDPE 20) were selected as laminated films for sustainable insect-repellent and strong antimicrobial effects, respectively. Further, polyethylene terephthalate (12 μm; PET 12) was selected as an intermediate barrier layer. Finally, structure of the multilayer film was designed as PP 30/SO/PET 12/thymol/LDPE 20. The developed film demonstrated insect-repellent activity for >3 weeks, antibacterial activity for >2 weeks, and antifungal activity for 1 week. The results indicated that the developed multilayer film structure possessed strong, sustained insect-repellent and antimicrobial effects, providing a new possibility for the industrial applications to food packaging.

Keywords: active packaging; multilayer film; insect-repellent; antibacterial; antifungal

  1. Interactions of phenolic compounds with milk proteins

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  4. Experimental and theoretical study of polypropylene: Antioxidant migration with different food simulants and temperatures

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  5. Development of a comprehensive biological hazard-proof packaging film with insect-repellent, antibacterial, and antifungal activities

    CategorySCI 저널 이름Journal of Food Science (83: 3035-3043) 연도2018 December (IF=2.018) 저자Min-A Park*, Yoonjee Chang*, Inyoung Choi, Jaewoo Bai, Ja-hyun Na, and Jaejoon Han
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  10. Development of anti-insect microencapsulated polypropylene films using a large scale film coating system

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  11. Migration Study of Butylated Hydroxytoluene and Irganox 1010 from Polypropylene Treated with Severe Processing Conditions

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  12. Development of a novel on–off type carbon dioxide indicator based on interactions between sodium caseinate and pectin

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    CategorySCI 저널 이름Food Hydrocolloids (80: 1-7) 연도2018 July (IF=5.089) 저자Eunmi Joo*, Yoonjee Chang*, Inyoung Choi, Seul Bi Lee, Dong Hoo Kim, Young Ju Choi, Chan Suk Yoon, and Jaejoon Han
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  14. Ascorbic Acid-based Oxygen Scavenger in Active Food Packaging System for Raw Meatloaf

    CategorySCI 저널 이름Journal of Food Science (83: 682-688) 연도2018 March (IF=1.815) 저자Jung-Soo Lee*, Yoonjee Chang*, Eun-sil Lee, Hong-geon Song, Pahn-Shick Chang, and Jaejoon Han
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  15. Protection of grain products from Sitophilus oryzae (L.) contamination by anti-insect pest repellent sachet containing allyl mercaptan microcapsule

    CategorySCI 저널 이름Journal of Food Science (82: 2634-2642) 연도2017 (IF=1.815) 저자Chang, Y.J., Lee, S.H., Na, J.H., Han, J.
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  16. Development of Biopolymer Composite Films Using a Microfluidization Technique for Carboxymethylcellulose and Apple Skin Particles

    CategorySCI 저널 이름International Journal of Molecular Sciences (18: 1278) 연도2017 (IF=3.226) 저자Inyoung Choi, Yoonjee Chang, So-Hyang Shin, Eunmi Joo, Hyun Ju Song, Haeyoung Eom,
    Jaejoon Han
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  17. Control of Microbial Growth and Lipid Oxidation on Beef Product Using an Apple Peel-based Edible Coating Treatment

    CategorySCI 저널 이름LWT - Food Science and Technology (84: 183-188) 연도2017 (IF=2.711) 저자Shin SH, Chang YJ, Han J.
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  18. Development of anti-insect multilayered films for brown rice packaging that prevent Plodia interpunctella infestation

    CategorySCI 저널 이름Journal of Stored Products Research (72: 153-160) 연도2017 (IF=1.533) 저자Lee, S.H., Chang, Y.J., Na, J.H., Han, J.
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  19. Development of polylactic acid nanocomposite films reinforced with cellulose nanocrystals derived from coffee silverskin

    CategorySCI 저널 이름Carbohydrate Polymers (169: 495-503) 연도2017 (IF=4.219) 저자Sung, SH, Chang YJ, Han J.
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  20. Reduction of Dickeya chrysanthemi on fresh-cut iceberg lettuce using antimicrobial sachet containing microencapsulated oregano essential oil

    CategorySCI 저널 이름LWT - Food Science and Technology (82: 361-368) 연도2017 (IF=2.711) 저자Chang, YJ, Choi, IY, Cho, AR, Han, J.
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